Caravan & Motorhome Gas Fitting & Repairs

Woodbury Plumbing is one of the only companies in the Mandurah & Peel region that are authorised to perform gas fitting or repairs to your Caravan or Motor Home. Using your caravan with your loved ones is one of Australia’s favourite past times, ensuring the safety of the gas used in your Caravan or Motorhome is paramount.

As we are fully licenced to perform installations or repairs, we take what we do seriously and make sure we comply with all safety regulations in regards to the Gas connected to your Van.

We can make sure the safety requirements are met on Gas Bottles, Regulators, appliances, piping and any valves installed. We can also service them regularly as required.

Caravans and Motorhomes have many regulations to do with the plumbing and electrical installation or repairs, these include Cooker Clearances, Gas Safety Checks, Gas Compartment Drains, Flue Clearances and also Carbon Monoxide.

If you are importing an RV or Caravan from overseas you are required to have an Australian Gas Compliance Certificate before they can be registered for use. Sometimes they may require a full removal of all gas appliances and fitting lines. Make sure you do your homework before importing an overseas product. We can perform a 12 point safety check and inform you of any changes that will be required by law in Australia.

Give us a call as we service people in the Mandurah & Peel regions and we’ll help you get your holiday underway in the safest possible way.

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